The Challenge of Misdiagnosis: How Children Get the Diagnosis of ADD When its Dyslexia or a Reading Problem.

by Rich on July 4, 2012 · 0 comments

If you are a parent with a child who has been diagnosed and treated with therapies for ADD, and they still aren’t making progress, you might need to address this quickly. Why? Many children in the United States are misdiagnosed with ADD when in fact they are struggling with Dyslexia or a reading problem.

It is no secret that the diagnosis of ADD is at an all-time high, but with that in mind many parents find out later that their children are in fact struggling with Dyslexia. Why does this happen? At an early age, the natural inclination is for children to lose interest in reading and schoolwork, as well as for them to act out or talk in class. There are any number of ways this can manifest, but the truth is, children may feel embarrassed if they tell someone they can’t read.

What they see on the page is different from what everyone else is seeing, thus leaving them frustrated. This in turn causes any number of emotions in your child, which leads everyone to look to ADD first.

Because there are so many diagnoses made that are incorrect, how can we avoid it altogether? For starters, we need to remember that it’s wise to rule out many things before we call it one thing in particular. This should be no different than how a doctor diagnoses someone with a sinus infection rather than the common cold.

We need to be so careful that we aren’t putting our children on medicines they don’t need to be on, but rather that we can use simple tests and ask the right questions to determine if there is in fact another underlying cause. In many cases the cause is Dyslexia, but it has been overlooked.

If your child has symptoms associated with Dyslexia or problems with reading, then the very first step is to have your child tested for Dyslexia. You can also take our simple, quick, and free ChromaGen Survey. Discussing your child’s in class behavior with teachers can help lead to important conversations about your child and you’re your child that could lead to discovering Dyslexia.

If your child is diagnosed with Dyslexia, our Certified ChromaGen Practitioners can help you determine if our lenses will be a valuable aid for your child. Click here to find out if one of our certified practitioners is near you.


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