Review: Reading Horizons – 5 Fun Classroom Activities for Engaging English Language Learners

by Rich on October 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Learning a new language can be stressful for students, but when you make it a fun experience, it can be a little less overwhelming. We recently found an article on the Reading Horizons blog that gives five great ideas to incorporate in the classroom for engaging English language learners.

The article explained that if students are having fun while learning, it can be a successful experience. It definitely takes away some of the stress and allows for more engagement due to the excitement factors and willingness to take part in fun activities.

Here are our three favorite ideas from the post:

Play Trivia – Analyzing the class by age, skill level, and other factors can allow you to develop a question and answer game to get the students thinking and developing their language skills with a little competition. One of our suggestions would be a fun Jeopardy format to allow the students to choose the difficulty level they feel most comfortable with at that time.

Role Play – Give the students different scenarios to act out and work through to use the language in real life situations. This will help students gain more practice with actual events that they may experience and role-playing with classmates can be a great tool for many other life skills.

Subtitles – Most students love to watch television during the school day, so why not take advantage of the opportunity! By selecting a movie or show that relates to the class, you can turn on the closed captioning to allow the students to see, hear, and read the language in a way that doesn’t seem like hard work.

Overall, learning a new language should be exciting for students! The key to making it a successful experience is to create engaging lessons that keep the class interested, focused, and having fun.

For more information, read the complete post – 5 Fun Classroom Activities for Engaging English Language Learners.


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