Review: Dad sends letter to daughter with dyslexia

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“Dear Erica: Earlier this year, your mom and I learned that God gave you a special gift called dyslexia, meaning you are one of 20 percent of people who learn differently because you process language on the right side of the brain instead of the left side. Don’t worry; there is nothing wrong with your brain or your ability to learn. You just learn in a different way.”

This letter was a great find that helped us realize that more and more children are being diagnosed with dyslexia now that it is more understandable, but there are ways, like this letter, to make it a positive learning experience.

As you continue to read through the father’s explanation, you see both facts and personal thoughts from the parents’ perspective. The facts include what dyslexia does to a person and how they need to be taught by a systematic and explicit method since dyslexia causes weak phonemic awareness as well as the realization of how most schools are not systematic or structured enough to provide the resources for students with dyslexia. The personal thoughts include what Erica will face while growing up with dyslexia and how it may cause problems when she reaches third grade and starts to fall behind her fellow classmates. He also explains the heartbreak that will occur that could last forever, but continues to explain his findings in order to provide the most encouragement to his daughter.

Other parts of the letter include how long it took the parents to find out about their daughter’s dyslexia, the testing she will continue to go through, the new educational tools she will experience through a tutor at a certified dyslexia school, and how they hope other parents will become inspired to work together and be proactive to overcome the obstacles dyslexia can cause to a child’s growth in education.

The letter ends on a positive note that will hopefully motivate readers to take action and make sure everyone is gifted with the proper education they deserve whether they suffer from dyslexia or not…

“Erica, you too can turn your dyslexia into a gift. I hope this letter gives you the confidence and inspiration you need to live up to and achieve your full potential. Love, Dad.”

For the complete letter, check out the article.


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