Review: 12 Best of 2012 with Reading Horizons

by Rich on January 14, 2013 · 0 comments

Recently a blog was written by Reading Horizons regarding the 12 best strategies for teachers to use to help struggling readers. The blog post starts by touching on the topic of New Year’s resolutions, and the difference between those that make them and those that don’t. Why would it matter for teachers that help struggling readers? Reading Horizons introduces the main point of the article by highlighting the fact that not all methods work for all people. So, this blog post shares those 12 best blog posts that featured strategies teachers could try with beginning and struggling readers.

These blog posts from 2012 included the following:

1. A 2-minute task that could drastically boost a struggling reader’s success. What is it? The task is to have the reader write about what they are grateful for, exercise, or do whatever puts them in a positive mindset for 2 minutes. Starting off positive makes tackling the task easier!

2. 5 ways to activate student attention, anticipation, and interest during a lesson. The connection? This one is a winner, because it highlights what is important for both the teacher and the student to keep in mind with learning. These 5 ways include everything from the inflection of the voice the teacher uses to using cooperative groups in the classroom as well.

3. A simple strategy for teaching struggling readers that increased the pass rate by 50% to 96%! The connection? The strategy discussed in this blog post is dictation. Sounds easy enough right? Instructor Shantell Berrett talks about how slightly tweaking information can make a huge difference for struggling readers. Berrett believes it’s the process not the content that makes a difference. You as the teacher should: say the word twice, have the students say the word back to you twice, have the students write the word once, and then have the students read the word once. It’s a simple strategy that works when used consistently!

4. 5 teaching practices that increase motivation for struggling readers. The connection? There are certain practices that provide affirmation which motivates readers, and keeping struggling readers motivated is a key component of helping them read more and read better. The 5 practices that were taken from the Reading Rocket’s website included: relevance (generating interest for readers), choice (giving the reader ownership), success (self-efficacy), collaboration (social interaction with peers), and thematic units (or mastery).

We hope that this review has pointed out some helpful strategies for you to utilize in the New Year if you haven’t utilized them before. You can read the complete listing of strategies and the full blog post when you go to this link.


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