Reading Problems: 12 Questions to Ask Your Child

by Rich on August 21, 2012 · 0 comments

Reading problems can be difficult to detect in young children, so we’ve developed a list of questions for you to ask your child.

Many of the first questions will target their ability to comprehend what they are reading, which is a strong indicator of whether or not you should have concerns.

  1. Who is/are the main characters in this story?
  2. Can you describe your favorite character in this story, and tell me why they are your favorite?
  3. Would I/we/your friends/enjoy reading this book too? Why would I/we/your friends enjoy this book too?
  4. If you could give this book a different ending, what would the new ending be like? Why would you change the end of the story?

This second batch of questions will focus on symptoms your child may have if they are struggling while trying to read.

  1. Do you get headaches when reading?
  2. Do your eyes feel uncomfortable when reading?
  3. Do you have to re-read the same line of words when reading?
  4. Do you feel like you read slower than your friends?

This third batch of questions focuses on the movement of words and are symptoms of dyslexia.

  1. Do you notice words or sentences that are blurry or wiggly when reading?
  2. Do the words “pop out” at you when reading?
  3. Do the words ever scrunch together when reading?
  4. Do the spaces in between the lines move when reading?

Many of the questions above can be found in the ChromaGen Survey, which if taken, will give our team the opportunity to understand if we may be able to help you or your child.  Please click here to take the survey or contact us in the comments section if you have questions.

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