Michelle’s ChromaGen Success Story


All my life, I have struggled academically. I just thought I was stupid. I worked extremely hard to get my post high school degrees. I trained myself to check everything I did at least three times, before I submitted anything. When my son was diagnosed with dyslexia, I was given a series of activities to use to work with him to retrain what his mind was seeing and what was really there. As I worked with my son, I noticed a small improvement with my own disabilities. I really thought I was dumb. I learned how to correct anything using letters. However, math continued to elude me. I didn’t trust my math skills, even with a calculator. I had read about a man, who realized that this was common in many people and that dyslexia varied in severity. I told my son-in-law, that I plan to go to a specialist in New York, to see if he could help me with my dyslexia.

The cost would be $1,000 dollars for treatment, not counting the cost of
getting there and staying there over-night. It was a two-day affair.

My-son-in-law told me about these glasses with filters on them that might
help me. So, I took the test. Failure again, I corrected my letter errors
without the aid of the filters. As I took off the glasses, the examiner gave
me a sheet of paper, with small letters, symbols and numbers. I read a small
section. The examiner put in two filters, to my amazement; I saw two numbers
that I had not seen earlier. He put in two more filters, I saw more numbers.
I was astonished as to the many numbers I totally did not see! These glasses
really helped me see the numbers! My math skills have greatly improved. I’ll
never be a mathematician, but holy crow, I can see the numbers!

Michelle – Math Teacher, Texas

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