Maryland School Pushes for Early Dyslexia Identification

by Rich on October 19, 2012 · 0 comments

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and we just read an article by about how one school is pushing for early identification of reading failure.

The Odyssey School is located in Stevenson, Maryland and has a current enrollment of 151 students with 6 per class. Classes are offered from Kindergarten to eighth grade and the main goal is to offer each student the tools and training they will need to excel in a mainstream high school.

In the article, it is stated by Marty Sweeney, Head of School, that “early identification is key.  We can now look at young students ages three to five and look for warning signs that they may be at risk for reading failure.” By providing special instructions and offering programs that were developed to those who struggle with reading problems, the students will be able to blossom into educated young adults. Although there are many challenges faced at the school on a daily basis, especially dyslexia, anyone with a reading problem can find a way to overcome the obstacles and start reading!

Overall, we feel that this article really reflects the increase in dyslexia awareness and shows that more people are taking notice to the problem and developing ways to identify the symptoms at an early age. By catching the reading problems early, children can take part in great opportunities, like The Odyssey School, and not be limited to the goals they can set and achieve in their lifetime.

For more information, please check out the Complete article and the The Odyssey School website!

Image source: The Odyssey School


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