Jordyn’s ChromaGen Success Story



Jordyn reading while wearing her ChromaGen lenses

Jordyn loves to read, but she struggles, and after reading two pages she quits.  I can see sadness and defeat on her young face as she asks me to finish the story.

Reading glasses and special testing didn’t help. One Specialist tried to tell us that Jordy was lying and pretending. Jordyn’s grades at school started going down right along with her self esteem.

I read about ChromaGen filtered lenses and had Jordyn tested. I loved the fact that you can see results immediately! When I asked Jordyn how she felt about the lenses, her response was, “I just don’t really want to take them off”.

Jordy loves her lenses.  Her grades are improving. She is ahead in her reading and told me, “I can even solve math problems”. Jordyn is happier and self confidence is becoming her companion. Thank you, ChromaGen!

-Jordyn’s Grammy


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