Jennifer’s Success Story



I remember as a child my teacher writing sentences on the board and then asking us to write them down. You would think that would be an easy task for a 7 year old but to me it was difficult. The words were mixed up to me, blurry, bouncing all over the place. My teacher thought I had dyslexia and it was confirmed through testing. Throughout the years I had to have my tests read to me and teachers would fill in my answers. I remember having colored paper put over reading pages, and then paper cut out with a hole in it to so I could keep my spot, and also covering up all but one sentence with paper in hopes that the words would stay on the page and not disappear. It never worked. Kids would laugh when I would read as I would stumble across words, jump to the next sentence without finishing the first one, and then I would just lose my spot. By the time I was in middle school and was called upon to read I would lie and say I lost my place, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the embarrassment of what the kids would say. By high school when I had to present a report to the class, I would say that I didn’t do it and then turn it in after class was over for a lower grade. All of that so I wouldn’t be laughed at because of my reading. That played a big part in me becoming a cosmetologist. No reading or presenting a project.

As a parent I always knew that one of my children could have the same issues as me. When my daughter Ellie was 4, I started seeing the same characteristics in her struggle to read and write that I saw in myself at that age. As she started Kindergarten and was not grasping reading and struggling with writing, her teacher also made the same observations as me. Now with her in 1st grade she is more descriptive about reading and how the words scrunch together and she can’t keep her spot when reading. Both my husband and I were very concerned and felt she was slipping in school and would be dealing with the negative comments from other children. I felt very sad for my Ellie that she was going to have to go through what I had as a child. Not even a week later and my husband came home telling me about ChromaGen.

I have to say that I was sure I tried every new thing that came out to help with reading and it never worked. My husband said to come and try out ChromaGen and see what you think, and I did. It started out with Ellie reading some random words with her glasses. She was slow, lost, and her eyes were buried in the page. Then they tested her for the right match of glasses and then had her read. Not only did she read, but she read with confidence! Her face was away from the page, and the words flowed out of her mouth. I could have cried at that moment, as I knew with these glasses she could read out loud in class and present a report too. Then it was my turn. I went through the same process as Ellie. First I read random words and was timed. I knew I was all over the place and just wanted to stop as I felt stupid, but I kept going on. Then the ChromaGen lenses were custom fit for me, and then it was time to read again. To my amazement I had no trouble reading! The words stayed on the page, I never lost my spot, and nothing was blurry. That was the first time I was ever able to read with confidence. I’m so blessed that it works and that Ellie will not have to go through what I did.

I work a part time job working on contracts. With my ChromaGen glasses I enjoy my computer time! A whole new world has opened up for Ellie and me. I encourage you to step into the world of ChromaGen to see what the lenses can do in your life or the life of a loved one!

- Jennifer Lopez, Dallas, TX

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