Is it Possible for Dyslexics to Achieve Great Things in Life?

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Do you think that it’s possible for someone with dyslexia to pass classes with flying colors? What if they don’t know that they are dyslexic? While dyslexia is a problem affecting how individuals can read, there is no doubt that steps are being taken to help dyslexics read better so that they can get the education that they deserve. This may come later in life for some, but it still wasn’t impossible for Dr. Nikolai Vitti to achieve higher education with his struggle with dyslexia.

Recently, an article was written about Dr. Vitti and his struggle with dyslexia, and how he went on to become a Harvard graduate. However, this wasn’t the path that Dr. Vitti thought he would be taking later in life. Now that he is a Superintendent at Duval schools, he is opening up about his dyslexia to help students.

Dr. Vitti was in college at the time that he discovered he had dyslexia, and he discovered this by hiring a psychologist to help him. Dr. Vitti and his wife noticed that his 9 year old son was experiencing challenges with reading which prompted him to do something proactive about testing in schools. Because their sons’ reading wasn’t fluid, they had a hunch that it was dyslexia that was affecting his reading ability.

Testing did show that Dr. Vitti was dyslexic, and he learned the same about his son as well. While his son tested well in other areas, he didn’t test out as a genius. The testing was important to Dr. Vitti simply because children that struggle to read are labeled as dumb or slow, when in reality they just need to be tested to help determine what the underlying problem truly is.

Dr. Vitti experienced what the ridicule was like until he was able to hire help for himself. He feared reading out loud in class, and his teacher would eventually allow him to say “pass” so that he wouldn’t have to deal with it. He was also failing his spelling tests, getting only one right out of ten. Although it was extremely frustrating for him, he was determined to master words by using his photographic memory to recall them so he could make out what they were.

While this worked for him, it certainly isn’t the ideal way for dyslexics to overcome their challenges with reading. Dr. Vitti understands this and wants to make sure that the children in his school system are not left behind, getting the testing that they need.

You can read more about Dr. Vitti’s story and his mission for the Duval school system here —> link.


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