How Fast Can You Read? Take the Test!

by Rich on January 5, 2012 · 0 comments

For the most part, reading is a joy and a skill that allows us to drift off to wonderful places or learn new and exciting things about our own world and the people in it.

However, every now and then life hands us a legal document, report, or school book that we wish we could read faster.  Being able to comprehend the information is critical, but time is money as they say.

Take a Speed Reading Test!

It’s always fun to find free online tests, and I was lucky to find one that told me how many words I read per minute, my comprehension level of the content, and lastly, my reading level!

The test will only take you about 5 minutes and you might be surprised to see the results.  Click HERE or belowto take the test.  You’ll be asked to read a series of paragraphs towards the bottom.  Click “start” when you begin, and then click “stop” when you finish.  Remember your score, then go ahead and take the comprehension test!

Click here to take a quick test to find out how fast you read!

My Scores:

  • Words Per Minute: 293
  • Reading Comprehension: 82%
  • Reading Level:  Between “Good Reader” and “Average Reader”
Your Scores:
Let us know how you do in the comments!  We want to know!

Want To Read Faster?

I’m not even going to pretend to be the expert on this particular subject, so I’m going to share resource lists that others have brilliantly created!

Are their certain documents or content in your life that you’d love to read faster?  Let us know in the comments below!

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