How Can Colored Lenses Change Your Life?

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Color filter lenses

There are just as many challenges as gifts that come with having dyslexia. As a parent of a child who struggles with dyslexia, you want to help them as much as you can, and minimize the challenges, but how?

One solution that you may not have considered is color-filtering lenses. Dr. Michael Politzer wants to share with us some of his thoughts and experience with color-filtering lenses.

Common Misconceptions About Vision vs. Sight

As a parent, you have probably been surprised by what you hear after your child’s eye exam, right? If your child has dyslexia, and you are told that they have 20/20 vision, then you probably didn’t realize that sight and vision were different.

Why is this? Here are some facts:

*Dyslexia is not a vision problem

*Issues won’t be resolved with eyeglass or contact modality

*20/20 is mistaken for vision rather than sight

*sight is measurements of what you can see at a distance

*vision is a how the information is translated

Dyslexia-a Vision Issue

How do we know that dyslexia is a vision issue?

*the child struggles to process what they see

*we know this because both eyes must work together for efficient reading

*if each eye is not balanced, then it will bring about the common symptoms of dyslexia such as:

      1. Headaches
      2. Words blurring and doubling
      3. Eyestrain
      4. Reduced reading speed and comprehension

Color-Filtering Lenses and Dyslexia

There are many options available to those parents who are looking for answers, however color-filtering lenses can help change everything and they work instantaneously. Words that were once blurry or wiggled will now be still and legible. Your child will know instantly if these color-filtering lenses work for them.

Research has shown that more than half of those who use these color-filtering lenses will benefit from the technology.

There is a 7-question survey that you can complete here, to find out if color-filtering lenses might work for your child.

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