Color blindness, color deficiency, what is it anyway?

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Many people believe that color blind people see in black and white or see no color at all, however this is not the case.  What we refer to as color blindness is in fact a color deficiency as there is not actual “blindness” involved. Another way of describing this is color confusion. So, how does this happen? Let’s take a look at why some folks have it and others don’t, and how we can help you.

The Cause of Color Blindness

The path to seeing color is light hitting the retina. In fact, the eye contains two things that help the eye see color at night and during the day. These two things include:

  • Rods (useful for low light at night)
  • Cones (use for daytime light)

Cones are the most useful as most of us work and live during the daytime. These cones have a light sensitive pigment, which functions over several different wavelengths. So, how is it that any of us could suffer from what we refer to as color blindness?

Simply put, there are genes passed down from the parent to the child that give the wrong coding for those pigments. Every color that we identify is a direct result of how sensitive the ranges are of these pigments. So, it only makes sense if the codes are wrong that an individual would be “color deficient”. While color deficient is the true term, we use both “color deficient”, and color blindness so that everyone can understand what we are talking about here.

So, as this deficiency affects numerous professions, what is the solution?

How ChromaGen Helps Bring Color to Life

ChromaGen Lenses enhances color perception and discrimination by using selective wavelengths of light to stimulate defective cone cells, which allows an individual to more accurately interpret and perceive color.  This means that a person who was unable to pass a standard color deficiency test is now able to interpret and perceive colors in the correct fashion and experience the experience the full range of the color spectrum. Sound amazing? We know it does, and it works.

Experience the power of ChromaGen Lenses in Glasses, Contacts or Clip-Ons

No one needs to know that you are wearing technology that is changing your life, and that is why we have created both glasses and contact lenses for your convenience. These contact lenses are no different from other lenses, except that they are enabling you to experience the full color spectrum! ChromaGen contact lenses are just like regular contacts, except they are only tinted in the center, the part which is positioned just in front of the pupil.  The rest of the contact is clear, making them practically invisible.

Who Can ChromaGen Help?

ChromaGen is here to help anyone that has a color deficiency, whether it’s seeing the array of colors in a field of wildflowers, or the stunning hues in a sunrise or sunset. How amazing is it that ChromaGen Lenses can provide someone with the ability to see all of this for the first time?

ChromaGen can also help those who are limited in their vocation due to their color deficiency. There are many jobs that out rule hiring someone if they are color blind, and so it is that ChromaGen can change all of that. Some of these professions include:

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Pilots
  • Electricians
  • Air Traffic Controllers and many more!

If you are struggling with color blindness and you would love to see the true colors of the Earth or are prohibited from obtaining your dream job, read more on ChromaGen Lenses.  Experience a Whole New World of Color!

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Naresh kumar November 10, 2017 at 1:55 am

Dear sir please tell me if a candidate have colour vision problem than can he got government service like staff nurse post in AIIMS,
From where can I got a list of government service in which colour vision deficiency candidates can apply and got post in india


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