ChromaGen Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Rakich

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1. What inspired you to become an eye doctor and how is your practice different from others?

My own poor vision was the catalyst to my becoming an eye doctor.  Although, I entered college  to become a writer, I found that I enjoyed the challenge of math and science much more.  After changing my major to pre-optometry, I never looked back.

From the beginning, I have made it important to always be up to date with new treatments and technology.  We provide the best products possible for our patients.  I enjoy my practice and patients so much that many have been  part of the practice family  from the “early days”.  I  am  seeing second and third generations now.  Many have been patients since I first came to San Antonio in 1983.  Not a day goes by, that we don’t see someone who has been a patient in the office for more that 20 years.

2.  What was your favorite book when you were a child? 

As a child, I loved books and read everything I could get my hands on.  The local library made an exception for me so that I had my own library card before I started school.

3. What are three things that you love to do outside of work?

  1. Read
  2. Travel
  3. Spend time with family and friends

4.  Who is your all-time favorite musician/band and movie?  

I am a die hard Beatles fan and enjoy  well done, well acted movies.

5.  Why did you sign up to become a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner? 

My nephew is dyslexic.  I signed up the day I learned about ChromaGen.

5A.  Do you have a favorite ChromaGen success story to share?

Recently, a 26 year old patient came to the office because we had prescribed ChromaGen lenses for her sister.  Her initial reading score was less than 30.  After determining the proper ChromaGen lenses, she looked at a magazine and said, “Oh!  I can read this now!”  She read very fluidly.  Her score increased 300% !

6. What are your top three tips for eye health? 

  1. Have a routine eye exam regularly.
  2. Protect your eyes from UV rays.
  3.  Follow a diet full of green leafy vegetables and/or take an “eye” vitamin every day.

7.  Is your practice using social media to reach new and/or existing customers/patients? If so, where can our readers find you? 

Dr. Dawn Rakich -  Biography

A native of Steubenville, Ohio, Dr. Rakich graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee.    Dr. Rakich moved to San Antonio immediately after passing her Texas Board exams.   It has been her home ever since.  She began her private practice in 1986 and has been at the current location since April 1987.  She has certifications as both a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist.  Dr. Rakich is married and lives with her husband, daughter and 2 rescue dogs.

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