ChromaGen Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Peck

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1. What inspired you to become an eye doctor and how is your practice different from others?

I can still recall the time the idea of becoming and eye doctor came to me and I truly believe it was the path God wanted me to take.   In high school I actually dreaded Biology and Chemistry and my plan was to be a fashion merchandiser.  Thank goodness I did not follow my idea because my fashion sense is very limited and I even struggle with trying to match a shirt with a pair of pants.

 2.  What was your favorite book when you were a child?

All the Dr Seuss books but “Go Dog Go”  had to be my all time favorite.  As I got a little older, I collected the “Nancy Drew” series.  Reading about the adventures of 3 best friends solving mysteries was so awesome!

3. What are three things that you love to do outside of work?

  1. I love going to art exhibits.  It is especially fun to see the abilities of the high school students.
  2. Living in Texas.  I love the Rangers and the Mavs!!
  3. What parent does not love to watch their kids in sports.  I have a few more years of high school basketball!

4.  Who is your all-time favorite musician/band and movie?  

I grew up with great Rock and Roll music.  Tina Turner, Rolling Stones.  Just don’t take me to a “Disco”

5.  Why did you sign up to become a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner? 

After participating  in the original Pilot Study in Dallas and seeing the results, I knew I had to make ChromaGen part of my practice.  I would have to say that it ranks in the top five experiences of my life.  How can one ignore comments such as “This is the first time I read without the room spinning”.

5A.  Do you have a favorite ChromaGen success story to share?

One experience still sits apart from the others.  A 7th grader had never passed his Tacts test.  He had his Chromagen lenses for 4 days prior to his testing and he scored a 92 in Math.  That one brought tears to my eyes.

6. What are your top three tips for eye health? 

How about I give four tips for eye health?

  1. Always wear quality sunglasses.  That is the sun screen for the eyes.
  2. Take a good Omega 3 vitamin.
  3. If you wear contacts, do not over wear them and clean them properly.
  4. No matter how clear your vision is, get your eyes checked yearly.

7.  Is your practice using social media to reach new and/or existing customers/patients? If so, where can our readers find you? 

Dr. Mary Anne Peck  -  Biography

Since establishing my practice in 1984, I have experienced tremendous advancement in methods of treatment for vision.  It remains my ambition to continue to embrace new technology that allows me to provide the best treatment for all those who choose our office for their eye care.

I welcome patients of all ages, from 4 years old to 100 years young. I highly recommend children receiving a comprehensive exam prior to entering kindergarten.  I am proud to have board certified opticians on staff that remain committed to constant education in the field of optics and eyewear fashion.

I received my Doctor of Optometry from the University of Houston College of Optometry. I completed my internship studies at Fort Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

On a personal note, I am one of six children, grew up in Brownsville, Texas and am fortunate enough to have most of my family in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  My son attends, John Paul II High School in Plano where all his free time is spent on the basketball court.  My husband Mike, from southern Minnesota, is a financial broker with Morgan Stanley. He reached his dream of being a professional baseball player when he was drafted out of high school into the major league baseball system where he spent 15 years playing with the Cardinals and Orioles. He remains good friends with Ronny Washington, the Rangers current manager.

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Maria September 6, 2014 at 2:11 am

what a great story, am not dyslexic but had trbierle trouble with math, although really liked geometry, but then my Dad liked it too and used to sit down and help me work on the theorems.interesting that the really useful Catholic teaching system existed here in Mill Hill too and not just in Ireland.


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