ChromaGen Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Huggett

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1. What inspired you to become an eye doctor and how is your practice different from others?

I was inspired to become an eye doctor by my past experience as a teacher. I found many children with learning problems that were caused by or made worse by eye and vision problems. I felt that if I could use my past experience as a teacher to examine and treat learning related vision problems that I could impact lives for the better. I have treated learning related vision problems for the past 22 years and now with ChromaGen lenses I have added the last piece to the tools that I have longed for to treat reading problems.

2.  What was your favorite book when you were a child? 

My favorite book as a child was an encyclopedia called The Book of Knowledge that my father gave to me. I loved to just flip through the pages and read about the various subjects, especially those regarding science. I still have my original encyclopedia. The cover is now cracked and the pages well worn but the memories of hours looking through the book make me smile.

3. What are three things that you love to do outside of work?

Outside of work I love to garden. I have a vegetable garden and flower garden that I work on with my daughter. I enjoy cooking and going outside to pick fresh the herbs that I need. I also love to snow ski in Colorado and scuba dive in the Caribbean.

4.  Who is your all-time favorite musician/band and movie?  

Favorite band is Chris Tomlin & Passion Band. Favorite movie is Gladiator

5.  Why did you sign up to become a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner? 

I wanted to be a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner as I knew the potential of the ChromaGen lenses to change the lives of my patients and future patients. I have for years looked for a product that would treat the  reading problems that I confronted in my clinic that were not pathology or binocular in origin. In speaking with the ChromaGen representatives I knew that it would be an easy match between my clinic, ChromaGen and my patients. The ChromaGen lenses and service was easy to integrate into my practice and the support provided by ChromaGen is excellent. 

5A.  Do you have a favorite ChromaGen success story to share?

My favorite is difficult as each is so unique and often breathtaking. But so far it would have to be the little 6 year old last week that as soon he looked through the lenses for the first time at a printed page he shouted “Oh WOW! I can see the words!”  His mother then broke down in tears and I almost did too! This past week I had a captain of a 95′ racing yacht who has a color perception problem (color blind). He had trouble distinguishing the various color flags and yachts when racing. When he looked through the lenses that would correct his color vision problem he
walked outside and didn’t want to come back into the clinic. He wanted to walk around and just look at everything!

6. What are your top three tips for eye health? 

My top three tips for eye health:

  1. Wear sunglasses when out in the sun
  2. Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables
  3. Obtain an annual eye examination.

7.  Is your practice using social media to reach new and/or existing customers/patients? If so, where can our readers find you? 

Dr. Edward J. Huggett, Jr. OD –  Biography

Edward J. Huggett, Jr. OD, specializes in the practice of low vision and binocular vision dedicating his life to helping patients of all ages who suffer from severe vision loss and learning related vision problems.  Dr. Huggett received his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas 1990.  He trained at the Lighthouse for the Blind in Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation and is presently the founder and director of the Low Vision clinic at St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs. Dr. Huggett also developed the Low Vision Clinic at the James Haley VA Medical Center in New Port Richey, Florida, 1990.

Dr. Huggett’s expertise also expands to binocular vision treatment of eye muscle imbalances and tracking problems in patients of all ages.  He is dedicated to vision therapy; creating programs and prescribing prescriptions designed to enhance cognitive processing for those with vision-related processing disorders.  He was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays Major League team in 1994 as their Team Eye Physician.  Dr. Huggett’s specialized training helped improve the visual acumen of these athletes.  

Currently, Dr Huggett is co-presenter for the IMDSG, a monthly live Internet support group for persons around the world who have interest in learning the latest in low vision science and rehabilitation developments. Additionally, he opened a free eye clinic within the Clearwater Free Clinic, Clearwater, FL and The Shepherd Center, Tarpon Springs, FL in 2008 serving the homeless, low income and victims of domestic violence.

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