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We are proud to be churning out the latest technology to help struggling readers. An article was recently published about our lens technology and how it’s making homework and reading a bit easier for children and adults.  America Now wrote in the article, “Children and adults who struggle with reading are literally seeing a difference.”

One 9-year-old girl, Margaret Ann Hidell says that ChromaGen lenses just make things easier for her since she has been using her glasses for four weeks with the ChromaGen technology. Using our lenses, Margaret has improved in reading 30-percent faster than she was during the test at the doctor’s office. What could make a parent feel better than seeing a marked improvement like this in their child’s reading ability after a long search for something to ease the struggle?

In the words of Doctor Morey Sheffer, our lenses filter out some of the noise because one optic nerve relays messages much slower than the other. ChromaGen took the lead in perfecting this technology by creating lenses that would slow down the optic nerve that relays the information the fastest so that it’s in sync with the other. With more than 20% of the population affected, we have stepped up to the plate to create something innovative to help those with various reading disorders. ChromaGen is patented, trademarked, and FDA approved.

ChromaGen understands that the science behind our lenses may not matter to you all that much, but what matters most to parents like the mother of Margaret Ann Hidell is that the lenses are helping her, and she noticed an instant improvement. This is a powerful statement on our behalf, and we intend to continue to work at helping those with reading disorders read and learn in an easier fashion.

Who would benefit from our product?

  1. Those that say the words float or look blurry
  2. Those that see words jump off the page or appear to move around

If you would like more information about our lenses from ChromaGen, just visit our website here.

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