App Review: The Three Little Pigs

by Rich on November 30, 2012 · 1 comment

Today’s app review is all about the Three Little Pigs! As a great classic to every child’s reading collection, kids can now enjoy the interactive and animated storybook right on the iPad and iPhone!

We Read Better Reviews The Three Little Pigs

Summary: The app is listed on @ReadingHorizons list of Top Ten Reading Apps for Children and the website summarizes The Three Little Pigs as: “An instant favorite – this is a fabulously illustrated, delightfully narrated modern take on a classic tale. Each scene is animated, touch the pigs and other hotspots on the app to hear them talk and do other fun things. You can even help the wolf try to blow the piggies house down!”

Here is a quick video of the app that was developed by the app creators – NosyCrow!

The special features of the app include:

  • Highly readable and age-appropriate text.
  • Sophisticated animations on every page.
  • Hundreds of funny, interactive surprises.
  • Original soundtrack: each character has his own musical identity.
  • Listen to the story narrated entirely by children, or choose to read it by yourself
  • A different reading experience every time.

Tricks that every reader should try:

  • Flick the characters to make them jump, spin and speak.
  • Blow on the screen to help blow down the pigs’ houses.
  • Help the pigs build each of their houses.
  • Tilt the screen to reveal more of the scene and find hidden characters.
  • Chase the pigs down the road in the wolf’s van.
  • Drop the wolf down the chimney and celebrate with the pigs.

Price: The cost of this app is $5.99.

Screen Shots and Examples

1. Leaving Parents Home:

The story starts off with the pigs talking with their parents about how it’s time to explore the world and make their own path into the future.

2. Building New Homes: 

This part of the story is very interactive and shows each pig building their homes with their own ideas. Every reader can help build the homes and listen to each pig explain why they chose certain materials to use for their building process.

3. Big Bad Wolf Blows House Down:

This part of the story may be the most entertaining! When the big bad wolf arrives to the homes, the reader is able to blow onto the app and watch the wolf try and blow each pig’s house down! Although it’s not the happiest part of the story, the energy that the readers have at this part is great to watch.

 4. Celebration:

At the end of the story, the reader can allow the big bad wolf to climb the ladder on the third home, jump down the chimney, meet the pigs, and then have a big celebration all together!

With a happy ending for all of the characters, the readers will have enjoyed the great adventure and interactive features that this app has to offer. This app is great for traveling or when you want to offer just a little bit of fun into a child’s bedtime story routine. We hope you enjoyed this review and you can learn more or even purchase this app today on iTunes.


Content & Photo Credits: Reading Horizons, NosyCrow, iTunes


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