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As we all know, the iPhone along with its counterparts are taking over the way that we communicate today. New apps are popping up almost every day it seems, and teaching your child how to read and write is now happening on these devices. With more apps being created for children, you can now select fun apps on a daily basis to help kids learn to read, write, and help them to learn proper spelling too.

Today, this app review is on a fantastic app that is designed to help parents give their kids an early start on their education, with a focus on literacy skills.

We Read Better Reviews Super Why!

Summary:  The app store describes the Super Why! app as a great tool for giving your child a head start on their education by incorporating shows they watch on TV along with this app for the purpose of teaching them reading, writing, and spelling skills. Using animation in this app is a great way to get a child engaged in the learning process. Using animated characters from these shows will give them something familiar to identify with, while they learn to sound out the letters, learn what those letters look like, how to form words, and how to write them too.

The activities in this app teach the following:

*Hand eye coordination

*Other cognitive skills




*Early language development and literacy

Price: the cost of this app is $2.99, but there is a free version that you may be able to access as well.

Screen Shots and Examples

I was able to use the free app to discover for myself how well this app works and how each function of it could be useful in teaching children.

This app has four sections for children to use including the letter hunt, finding rhyming words, writing letters to help them identify the letter sounds and trace the letters for writing practice, and last but not least they must choose words to help complete sentences in the story.

To give you an idea of how this app works, I decided to try out two of the four features; the Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Hunt is able to teach them to identify letters, and the Princess Presto’s Wands Up Writing to teach them how to identify how letters should sound, along with tracing those letters to learn how to write them.

Alpha Pig Lickety Letter Hunt Example: 

So, how does this portion of the app work?  Your child will help Alpha Pig find his way home by choosing the right letters in order for him to make it down the alphabet path. To start, you click on the Alpha Pig Lickety Letter Hunt icon, and he instructs you what word your child needs to find letters for to spell that word. Choosing the right letters will help Alpha Pig make it down the alphabet path.

Princess Presto’s Wands Up Writing Example: 

So, how does this portion of the app work? Your child simply needs to click on the icon for Princess Presto Wands Up Writing, and the princess will appear, giving your child instruction to spell a particular word. For example, she may ask your child to spell the word “cup”. Once your child chooses the letter “C”, she will ask them to write it with her, and as they trace it, her wand will spread stardust tracing the letter along with your child.

I hope that you found this app review for Super Why! to be helpful! Here is to many hours of fun with your youngster using it to teach them literacy skills at an early age!

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