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by Rich on March 2, 2012 · 1 comment

These days, it’s hard to walk down the street or through the mall and NOT see someone using their iPhone or iPad for communicating with the outside world. There are thousands of apps being created on a regular basis, and naturally, more apps are being created for children than in times past. If you are searching for a fun app to help your kids learn their words, letters, and sounds, then we have just the right app for you!

Today, this app review is on a fantastic app that is designed to help parents give their kids an early start on their education.


We Read Better Reviews Monster ABC

Summary:   The app store describes this app as a great way to not only help parents give their kids an early start on their education and language skills, using animation to engage children to learn. This app uses images and sounds coupled with the letters to teach kids how to sound out letters and form words, making this app a great tool to teach them early reading skills and spelling too.

Activities teach:

  • Spelling
  • Sound
  • Reading
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Early Language Development and Literacy


Price:  The cost of this app is $0.99, but there is a free version that you may be able to access as well.

Screen Shots and Examples

I was able to use the free app to discover for myself how well this app works and how each function of it could be useful in teaching children.

This app has two sections including “words and “letters”, so I tried out both to see how they worked.

Letters Example: When you press the option for “letters” option, you and your child can go through each letter of the alphabet one by one. As they use their finger to swipe across the top of your screen, the letters will simply slide from right to left. As you go one by one through the letters, they appear in the middle of the screen. The monster will then say that letter, and an image of the object that goes with that letter will appear. When using their finger to tap the object, you will hear a little boy’s voice say the letter as well as sound out the object.

Words Example: When you press the option for “words” the child will be prompted to fill in the missing letters in order to form words. For example, the screen may show _og, and they would need to answer with “d” to form the word “dog”. When they get the wrong answer, the monster will make a funny sound, indicating that what they chose is incorrect. When they get the answer right, the little boy will sound out the letter then say the word.

There is currently a free version for your PC/Mac, and the fee at the time of this review was only $0.99. I hope that you found this Monster ABC app review helpful, and that you have tons of fun teaching your little one to get an early start in spelling and reading.

Final Thoughts

Kids (especially boys) are amused by monsters.  The Monster ABC app will keep them interested, while laughing and learning.

Which apps should We Read Better check out for future reviews?  Do you have a favorite that has helped and/or entertained your child?


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