App Review: iTouchiLearn

by Rich on December 1, 2011 · 1 comment

If you look around long enough, you’re bound to find someone working, playing, or laughing while holding their iPhone, iPad, or various other hand held tablets.  Among the incredibly wide variety of applications (apps) for the handheld devices, you’ll find apps specifically designed for reading.

Every so often, We Read Better will feature an application that we feel could be helpful for teaching, inspiring, and encouraging reading in your children.

We Read Better Reviews iTouchiLearn

Summary:  The app store describes iTouchiLearn as engaging and interactive animations and activities that teach kids about the context of words while making them laugh.  Each word game reinforces learning with virtual rewards.  Interactive word animations associate words with corresponding action, which provides preschool and special needs kids with a greater understanding of words and their corresponding meaning.

Activities teach:

  • Sight Words
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Speech Therapy
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Early Learning Literacy
  • Special Education
Price:  The app costs $1.99.  It’s a pretty fair price to pay for helping to assist your child to learn to read.  And I’m pretty sure it will entertain kids for hours, which certainly helps with the cost!

Screen Shots and Examples

I purchased the app ($1.99) from the app store so that I could actually try it out myself. Here are some screen shots from my quick adventure!

At the home screen, you have the option to choose “Words”, “Games”, or “Music”.  I decided to play around with “Words” and “Games”.

Words Example:  When you press “Words”, you have the option to choose “actions” or “movies”.   Choosing actions means your child has to use their fingers to move from word to word.  Choosing movies shows a 5-6 clip of the words that follow in a sequence.  This may be confusing, but my screen shots may help!

When I landed on the “words” screen, I chose the word “Apple” and “Actions”.  This is what I found!

See how the iTouchiLearn takes you through the entire action of an apple?  It’s very cool! Children need to use their fingers and point to the word on the left to push the apple to evolve through the steps.  There are obviously other items that they can choose!

Games Example: When you press “Games” at the home screen, you have the option to choose games “Spelling”, “Word”, or “Picture” games.  I chose, “Spelling”.  Here’s the example!

When you enter the “Spelling” games section, iTouchiLearn says a word out loud, shows your child a picture of the item, and then displays two spellings of the word.  One is correct, while the other is scrambled.

Children MUST take the scrambled word below, and drag it up to the correct letter above.  When they do this right, they get a gold star!

I’ll admit, I actually can’t stop playing and spelling words!  The gold stars are a nice touch, and the music in the background isn’t annoying me yet!


Video Review of iTouchiLearn

Here’s a 3 minute or so video review of iTouchiLearn.


Final Thoughts

Definitely check out this app.  I reviewed it on the iPhone, and my guess is that it will be more fun for your child on the iPad’s bigger screen, but the iPhone will definitely get the job done!

Which apps should We Read Better check out for future reviews?  Do you have a favorite that has helped and/or entertained your child?


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