App Review: Dr. Seuss’ ABC-Reading App for Kids

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Our App Review for today is for ages 3-5, and is designed to help parents give their kids an early start on their education.  Like all of the apps we have reviewed, this one focuses on reading ability.

We Read Better Reviews Dr. Seuss’ ABC Reading App for Kids

Summary: The app store describes the “Dr. Seuss’ ABC” app like a book for the iPhone! Imagine that! This app is a great tool for helping your child get a head start on their reading skills by incorporating one of their childhood characters into the mix; Dr. Seuss. This app gives you the ability to choose a male or female voice for narration, so that you can use whatever your child is most comfortable with. This app is being used to help parents keep their kids on target with learning their ABC’s, which means they will be learning how to identify these letters as well as how to sound them out.

The activities in this app teach the following:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Other cognitive skills
  • Spelling
  • Sound
  • Reading
  • Early language development and literacy

Price: the cost of this app is $3.99, but there are still a few sites that list the price at $2.99.

Screen Shots and Examples

There are three sections of this app that you and your child will find fun and useful in teaching children their ABC’s. These sections include:

  • Read to Me
  • Read it Myself and
  • Auto Play

To give you an idea of how to use the two main features of this app for the “Read to Me” and “Read it Myself”, I tried them out myself, leaving the Auto Play as merely a general overview.

Read to Me Example:

When clicking on the “Read to Me” icon, you will hear the narrator say the letter in both the upper case and lower case fashion. The narrator then asks what word begins with that letter. An example would be, “What begins with A?” With the swipe of the finger, you and your child will hear the sound of a page turning to the next screen to reveal the answer. In this case, the screen will reveal the answer which is “Auntie Anne’s Alligator”.

Read it Myself Example:  

When clicking on the “Read it Myself” icon, you won’t hear the narrator. This will be the prompt for you and your child to tap each word and the letter to sound everything out. This will encourage your child to keep reading, as they get your approval when they have the correct answer. This is where the app becomes a great interactive tool for parent and child to use together! If your child gets stuck on the word, they click on the word begins, and it will say “begins”, then prompting them to say, “the letter f”, or “the letter c”.

We hope that you found this app review for Dr. Seuss’ ABC to be helpful! Here is to many hours of fun with your youngster using it to teach them literacy skills at an early age!

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