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by Rich on July 17, 2012 · 1 comment

It’s no surprise these days that you can see teenagers and young children walking down the street with an iPhone right? This is why modern devices are now being used to help teach children phonics, spelling, and help them to improve their reading skills too. So, is it possible for our children to learn their first words with a mobile device? It is now with these incredible apps that are being created for these devices as well.  If you are looking for a fun app to use with your children to help them learn some necessary spelling, and learning skills we have one for you!

Today, this app review is on a great new app that will help you and your child get an early start with spelling, development of motor skills, phonics, and cognitive skills.

We Read Better Reviews Amazing First Words

Summary: The app store describes this app as a great way to teach your children spelling and how to learn their first words with the use of pictures and sounds of animals, food, and other words pertaining to life. The focus of this app is to help children in the early stages of life recognize these animals, food items, and other fun items that reflect on astronomy, geography, and other things that a child would experience early in life. The added bonus of this app is that it’s engaging for little children, and it can be used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod too!

The activities in this app allow children to learn and develop:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Sound
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • and early language development

Price: the cost of the app is just $0.99 but there is a free version that you may download to try it out.

Screen Shots and Examples

With the help of this app, it’s easy to see how children can begin to recognize letters make sounds and form words at the early age of 4 and up.

This app has two sections; the A-Z mode and the scenes mode.

A-Z Mode: In the A to Z mode your children will read the words in alphabetical order, and they will also see a photograph of the animal, food item, or other object. Bubbles with letters will appear on the screen, and the children can pop the bubble in order to release that letter to the bottom of the screen where the word appears to be greyed out. Once the word has been spelled out they will hear the word being pronounced so they can hear how it should sound.

Scenes Mode: in the Scenes mode your children will be able to see the same pictures that they were able to spell out in difference environments. This is designed to help children identify where they should see an ant, or where the object or food item fits appropriately.

Your children will truly enjoy learning how to spell with this app, and they will continue to be engaged as the colorful balloons appear and pop as they get the words spelled correctly.

There is currently a free version for your PC/Mac, and the fee at the time of this review was only $0.99. I hope that you found this Amazing First Words app review helpful, and that you have tons of fun teaching your little one to get an early start in spelling and reading.


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johanna October 17, 2014 at 9:30 am

Found this review very easy to read and very helpful as all the information i wanted to know had been covered.
Thank You as this was only the first app that i had looked at from a list that i had to read through for my employer and give a summary of which apps are the best for a child age
5 years and a child aged 9 years old. Because of your review the first task was made easy for me.
Keep up the work ,Johanna (nanny)


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