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by Rich on January 24, 2012 · 2 comments

Chances are you have been out and about and you have noticed that almost everyone uses their iPhone, iPad, or even another tablet for reading, surfing the net and more. There are tons of apps for everything these days, and there are even some fantastic apps for kids to help them learn their letters, read, and identify the sounds that go with those letters.

Today we are reviewing an app that is perfect for parents in helping their kids get an early start with their education.

We Read Better Reviews ABC Shakedown

Summary: the app store describes this app as a way to not only help parents teach their children early language skills, but it’s a tool that helps engage the kids with interaction and animation. The images coupled with the letters and someone sounding out the words is a winning combination to help parents teach their kids how to read, but it will help them progress with their spelling as well.

The activities in this app teach the following:

  • Spelling
  • Sound
  • Reading
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Early Language Development and Literacy
Price: The cost of the app is $1.99, however there is a free version that you may access.

Screen Shots and Examples

Using the free version of this app, I was able to try it out and discover the functions of each section.

This app has three sections to use including “Play”, “see it, say it”, and “hear it, hit it”.  I tried out the “Play” option and the “see it, say it” option.

Play Example: When you press the button for “Play”, you get an image with the letter in the top left-hand corner. They can press the image in the middle of the screen and hear the name of the letter ”A” sounded out as it would be used when saying the world “apple”.


This example is for the letter “A”, showing the upper and lower case of the letter along with the image of the apple.


See it and Say it Example: I chose to try out the “see it, say it” section as well, which is also effective in teaching kids how to read. When your kids use this section, they will have to identify the correct letter with the object. They can drag that letter down and drop it onto the image, and if they get it right they will see some animation which encourages them to choose the right letter. If they get it wrong, they won’t hear anything, so they will have to go back and choose again!

This example is for the letter “Q”, correlating with the image of the Queen.

Can you see how effective this if for teaching kids how to learn their letters, identify them with the right images and sound them out? This is a great teaching tool for kids and parents, because they can get a jumpstart on their education, and it can all be done with the iPhone.

I found using this app to be addictive, and I can see why it is so effective! It’s fun, and you can take it anywhere!


Video Review of ABC Shakedown



Final Thoughts

This app is a MUST have, and is beneficial for teaching your kids important language skills. Because it can be used on your iPhone you can take it anywhere, and it can be used on the iPad as well, giving them a much bigger screen to play.

Which apps should We Read Better check out for future reviews?  Do you have a favorite that has helped and/or entertained your child?


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CharmAngela September 5, 2014 at 12:39 am

i have 6 year old daughter, dnieiasgd with CP.she is very intelligent but unable to walk.i am looking for a school that can help her with her education.can you help please?


Nayeli February 26, 2015 at 6:04 am

Hi mate,Firstly a great app even the free one with the limitations I lucilky knew from the start before downloading it. I would very much like to upgrade to the pro version but as commented before would be great if the paid version could be updated with the free version easily instead of starting all over.Upload to a personal blog would be awesome and possibly having the ability to store usernames and passwords under the Iphone settings option. I find I still have to re-enter my facemess and twitter account details everytime as it does not remember it.Download to a pdf or something would be great to print. I am already thinking ahead to do a small 365 photo book once I get through the year )Again thanks for a great app and once the feature is there to sync the free app with the paid app I am in!ThanksDirk


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