App Review: ABC Phonics Animals

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Just in case you didn’t notice, iPhones and iPads have all change the way we look at life and how we communicate. We can get information at the click of one button with our portable devices, and now we can teach our children using these devices too. The number of apps available is growing daily, making it even easier to find something that we can use to keep up with the world. If you are looking for a fun app to use with your children to help them learn some necessary language and handwriting skills, we have one for you!

Today, this app review is on a great new app that will help you and your child get an early start with reading, writing, and phonics.

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Summary: The app store describes this app as a great way to teach your children the ability to pronounce their letters, write them, and form words while identifying the animals properly. The focus of this app is to help children learn to say their letters, while identifying how to write them by allowing the children to trace the letters. Using animation in these apps is a great way to get and keep your child’s attention as they learn. The added bonus with this app is that they will also learn how to spell too!

ABC Phonics

The activities in this app allow children to:

*Cognitive Skills
*Early language development and literacy

Price: the cost of the app is just $1.99, but there is a free version that you may download to try it out.

Screen Shots and Examples

With the help of this app, it’s easy to see how children can learn how to identify animals, how to say their letters, form words, and how to improve their writing skills.

This app has two sections I decided to explore; the animal flashcards and the letter tracer.

Animal Flashcards: This section is neat because it begins with getting your child to identify the animals. As you show them the flashcard, you can use phonemics to teach them which letters make the word, or you can pronounce the word and get them to repeat after you. This will teach them word construction, so that they fully understand how it should sound.

ABC Phonics

Letter Tracing: This section of the app is a new section for this app, and teaches children handwriting skills early in life by showing them how to trace their letters. This example gives both the lower case and upper case letters to help your children see and understand the difference between the two.

Children can use an iPhone pen to trace letters or they may use their fingertip to trace letters. Using the iPhone pen is a bit better to help them learn the mechanics of writing the letter, which makes this app suitable for ages of 2 to 5.

There is currently a free version for your PC/Mac, and the fee at the time of this review was only $1.99. I hope that you found this ABC Phonics Animals app review helpful, and that you have tons of fun teaching your little one to get an early start in spelling, reading, and writing.

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