App Review: ABC Animals

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Today the iPad and iPhone have taken over the way in which we communicate. This now means that we can expect for how we teach our children to change as well. The number of apps for these devices is growing daily, and in order to keep up with the world, there is yet another one we would like to tell you about. There are now hundreds of new apps being created for children. If you are searching for a fun app to teach your children their words, letters, sounds, and handwriting, then we have just the right app for you!

Today, this app review is on a great new app that will help you and your child get an early start with reading and writing.

We Read Better Reviews ABC Animals

Summary: The app store describes this app as a great way to help your children learn their letters, sounds, and writing, as well as to help them properly identify animals. The focus here is on the reading and writing, and the development of language skills. Animation is a great way to teach young children how to develop these necessary skills, by helping them to sound out letters and form words. This is also a great tool when it comes to spelling and writing too!

The activities in this app teach the following:




*Cognitive Skills

*Early Language Development and Literacy

Price: The cost of this app is just $0.99, but there is a free version that you may download as well to try it out.

Screen Shots and Examples

With the help of the free app, I was able to see how easy it is to use and why it is so useful in teaching children how to read and develop their language and writing skills.

This app has two features for “letters” and “writing”.

Letters Example: When you choose the letters option, you can actually go through each letter one by one. As you scroll through you will see the picture of the animal and the letter below it on lined paper.  You can repeat the letters and sounds with your child, while they can clearly identify the image of the animal on the screen. They are also getting the secondary image of the letter on the lined paper, thus teaching them how to write it. This is helpful not only from the letters aspect, but the recognition in writing their letters for the first time as they would in school.

Writing Example: This example not only enables them to see the pictures of the animals and the letters, but it’s teaching them how the name of the animals sounds.

Older children will find that they can double tap the letter and flip the card over on the screen. Using an iPhone pen they are able to trace the letter to help them learn good mechanics on how to write this letter. This is a great feature, thus making this app good for a wider age group.

There is currently a free version for your PC/Mac, and the fee at the time of this review was only $1.99. I hope that you found this ABC Animals app review helpful, and that you have tons of fun teaching your little one to get an early start in spelling, reading, and writing.

Which apps should We Read Better check out for future reviews?  Do you have a favorite that has helped and/or entertained your child?

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