Can you imagine how different your world would be if you could not read?  Reading allows us to communicate with family, friends and be involved with our community.  It is the foundation of our education and in most instances fundamental to our ability to earn a living.  Think of the pleasure we receive reading a bedtime story to our children, solving a complicated problem at work, or relaxing in a hammock reading a great novel.   Many people in your community can not enjoy these simple things that we all take for granted.

Our mission here at We Read Better is to build a community that shares the latest information about reading, provide references for people who have difficulties with reading and highlight the best technologies that are helping people with reading disorders associated with Dyslexia.  We Read Better is a corporate blog from ChromaGen, a new FDA cleared and patented technology that addresses visual reading disorders associated with Dyslexia and an optical corrective solution for color blindness.

With your help, we will do our best to educate, provide information and hopefully put a smile on your face as we explore the art of reading. We will showcase some of the best and brightest minds who are working to improve reading, post stories from our readers and share the latest articles from all over the world. Stay tuned, engage in the conversation and share your story. We can all make a difference by helping our community read better, making our world a better place to live.

Contact Us if you have a story to share, suggestions for blog post topics, or questions about our blog and company.

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