A Review of: Program Helping Students Combat Dyslexia

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While dyslexia can prevent students from learning, there are now more solutions to help them overcome this disorder. Recently, an editorial was published based upon the recent newscast from WTVA in Tupelo, Mississippi regarding what the public school system is now using to help dyslexic students make progress with their reading.

The Barton Program is now using what is known as language intervention, or rather a scripted program to help students read. With the use of MacBooks and the text-to-speech feature, this means the students can hear what they are reading.

This feature alone makes it easier for students to make out the words as they read, which means they don’t have to struggle. There are various forms of dyslexia, but the most common symptoms are seeing letters jumbled together, words that look squiggly, or where letters appear to be jumping off of the page.

Leona Ramey, a school counselor with Rankin Elementary, says that students are doing much better with reading since using the intervention program. The Barton Program is only in its first year, and the students are already showing progress which is important. In fact, Ramey says that students are already reading above the levels they were currently at, and that includes all of their students not just some of them.

Because there are different forms of dyslexia, each student has their own way of overcoming it. Haley Burgett, a home school student has her own way of overcoming the struggle with dyslexia as well. During the interview, she says this: “I deal with it by rereading a whole bunch of words and having to be able to create pictures with the words like ‘the’ and ‘as’ that don’t have a picture to the words”.

Drawing things out is a common way for students to work through this disorder, but it may not always be that simple for everyone.

You can find the full article when you visit, http://www.wtva.com/news/local/story/Program-helping-students-combat-dyslexia/ORkzMF6ZZEy80BCgt1tzfg.cspx.

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