8 Gifts for Your Struggling Reader

by Rich on December 20, 2012 · 0 comments

As we approach the end of the shopping season for Christmas, be mindful that there are some great gifts that you can purchase for your struggling reader. We have decided to give you the list to help you cut out the guesswork so all you have to do is grab your cash and go shopping!

1. Laughing Giraffe Books - Laughing Giraffe Books are a great gift because they are designed to encourage those children that are reluctant to read as well as to help those that are struggling readers. You will find themed gift sets which help to motivate them to read in their area of interest, and you can purchase books for any age group! You can also ask for these sets to be gift wrapped!

2. Kindle-Did you know that an e-reader could be a great option for a struggling reader? This may encourage readers that are dyslexic, because they won’t be intimidated by:

  • Book size
  • Samples can be downloaded for free for a test run
  • Font sizer can be changed to limit the number of words on the screen
  • Text to voice function is helpful, and more!

3. The Frog Box - this box has everything that a struggling reader needs to encourage them to read including:

  • Flying tree flog-just for fun!
  • Mini reading lessons-shorter lessons are less intimidating
  • Colorful tracking chart to share progress
  • Snap letters-children can unscramble these to help them learn spelling
  • Teaching cards-helps sound out letters for those struggling with phonics
  • Visuals- for those that learn best with movement

4. Laptop Computer - If your struggling reader is now a college student, then a laptop may be the perfect gift. Dyslexic readers struggle with writing notes and they usually struggle with organization. Typing is easier for dyslexic readers and it will help them stay more organized.

5. Reading Software - Another great gift for your struggling reader in college could be reading software. This type of software can read notes for them, so that they don’t have to. Readings are posted online these days, and with reading software, they can get their homework done much faster, and they can easily install this onto their computer.

6. Electronic Dictionary - An electronic dictionary is a great gift for your struggling reader because it encourages them to keep up with new words and pronunciation. When reading a standard dictionary they are more likely to skip a word if they cannot read it or sound it out.

7. Scanning Dictionary – If your struggling reader is unable to use an electronic dictionary, it may be time to try the scanning dictionary that can be used with a reading pen. These pens allow your reader to scan the pen over the word which will pronounce the word and give them the definition.

8. GPS – A GPS is a great gift for your struggling reader if they are a driver. Remember, those with dyslexia often struggle with confusion, and they will struggle to read road signs and which way to turn. A GPS is helpful when they are headed out to go grocery shopping, to the library, and of course, if they are a high school student, you want them to be able to find their way home and to their friend’s house without any problems

I hope that this list was helpful, and that your struggling reader enjoys what they get for the holiday season!


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