7 Toys for Children with Reading Problems

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One of the greatest joys in life is reading, and as a parent you want to instill the habit of reading into your children as early as possible. When challenges with reading present themselves it can be challenging for you as a parent to help them work through it. The best way to do so is with something that they can relate to, and toys are a great way to work with them on their level. Here is a helpful list of 7 toys that are great for children with reading problems.

The Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp Set

Every parent knows that the age of four and up is a time when children just love to learn and start absorbing like sponges. The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set is a great tool to help kids take letters and put them together in order to form words. This is often one of the biggest challenges for children when they begin reading at a young age. You can prevent that challenge head on by helping them identify letters to form words now using this fantastic toy for children ages 4 and up.

The Melissa and Doug See and Spell

One of the keys to helping children overcome reading problems is to use toys that will encourage the development of their cognitive skills. The Melissa and Doug See and Spell is a great toy for this reason, because it catches their eye with 50 colorful letters along with 20 picture boards, that has the appropriate letters cut out on the boards.

This toy is a bit more helpful in regards to spelling; however it’s important that the child’s cognitive abilities are developed in order to help them read better. Seeing the picture and choosing the letter is a great way to hone a child’s reading skills, especially within the age group of 4 and up, when picture books are still somewhat loved by children in this age group. With a good mix of 3 and 4 letter words, your child will be spelling and reading much better!

Leap Pad 2

You may not be surprised that the Leap Pad has made it into the list; however it’s a great toy for helping children that struggle with reading. Children in the age group of 3 to 9 will love using the Leap Pad 2, because it’s an interactive tablet that is engaging using both video, and cameras to encourage your child to learn. There are tons of apps to choose from, but the tablet does contain an eBooks section which your children will find fun and exciting to use!

Children are encouraged to read with the use of animation, sounds when your child touches the letters which will help them with phonics, and it will also increase their reading comprehension and aid in building their vocabulary.

Travel Read and Spin by GeoSpace

One fantastic toy that is really more of a game is the Travel Read and Spin by GeoSpace. It’s a great edition to buy because you can take it anywhere, and it’s having fun while the kids believe they aren’t really learning to read! There are interlocking magnetic wheels that spin but also split to form words. You simply add up the score to see who wins, and if your child is participating more than usual, it’s a great sign that they are encouraged to continue trying their best. This game is great for the whole family to participate.

Alphabet Bulletin Board

For those that have children between the ages of 8 to 9, the Alphabet Bulletin Board is a great toy to use for struggling readers. Your child will have fun identifying letters of the alphabet along with the creature that matches up with the first letter of the name of the animal, insect, or other object. Over time, your child will be able to spell out whatever they wish, and in turn this will help them learn to read better.

20 Questions

If you aren’t familiar with the game 20 Questions, then get to know it! This is the perfect option for children in the tweens to teen’s age group because it’s not so much a toy as it is a game. This game is helpful for struggling readers in that you MUST choose a common object that almost anyone could identify, and then you must read the question or have someone read the question about the object and answer the questions about the object.

This game is fun for struggling readers, and also reinforces their need to learn every day vocabulary while identifying the objects and learning the words that go with those objects. This game is known for being addictive for children and adults!


Last but not least, the game Scrabble is yet another ideal game for older readers, teenagers and up. While it’s a bit more advanced, it’s fun to encourage your child to think upon choosing words, and getting them to spell them out with the blocks they have. It’s going to challenge them a bit more, and once they realize that they can add up the numbers on the blocks to get a score, it encourages them to choose longer words from the blocks they have.

We hope that this list of toys and games has been helpful, and encourages your children to read better!

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