7 Reasons to Start Reading Early to your Child

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Reading is one of the greatest joys in life, and if you have a passion for it then you know how important it is that your child develops this same passion early in life. I want to share with you the 7 reasons to start reading early to your child, so that you can instill in them a love for reading and learning that lasts a lifetime.

1.Developing a Love for Books

One reason to start reading early to your child is to develop a love for books. This love develops easily during infancy, simply because when your baby sees you with anything continuously they are able to identify that it’s important to you. Even as a baby!

Reading to your little ones at night while rocking them reinforces the good that goes with the object, and as they begin to hold onto things, they will become familiar with holding a book. In their little minds, they know the book when they see it, and they know it’s time for you to read to them which is soothing and brings them joy.

2.It’s Bonding Time for You and Baby!

Moms and dads, listen up, because this second reason right here is all the more reason to believe in getting them into the habit of reading at an early age. As you read with them at bed time or even prior to a nap, it will help you develop a strong bond with your baby that will continue on as they get older.

Reading with your children won’t cease for quite some time, so keep in mind that if you read to them with board books even as infants, it will continue on through their toddler years, and well into their early childhood education.

3. It Teaches Discipline and Helps Them Focus

Parents who start reading to their children during the infant stage find that they are able to continue this habit much easier than they are if they start in the toddler years. As they get older they may struggle with their attention span which is normal!

Toddlers are like this as you know, but if you stay consistent with your children they will form reading as a habit, and as you continue to read with them their attention span will increase.

4. They Will Learn to Think Logically

Believe it or not if you start reading early to you children, it will help them to think logically. This is because many books that are geared towards a younger age group teach them how to take the story and use the examples to solve every day problems.

Examples might be sharing, or even obeying you as the parents! It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

5.They Will Develop an Imagination and Curiosity!

Children’s books often encourage them to play freely, or rather to think freely. The bounds of fantasy are open to a child which is endearing.

As a result, not only are you reading a book to them that engages them, but it will help to develop their imagination and curiosity as well. This is great because if they enjoy it and are free to imagine possibilities, they will develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

6.You Will Give Them a Greater Chance of Success!

Those parents that start reading to their children at an early age will find that it gives them a greater chance of success. Why? It’s not just the reading, but it’s the sense of you taking the time to bond with them, and you are doing it through something educational.

As long as you continue to read to them, and see to it that they are able to put the words and sentences together, they are much more likely to succeed.

7.Children Learn to Anticipate New Experiences!

Those children who begin to read at an early age with mom and dad will get all of these benefits, but your children will continue to anticipate a new experience at every turn.

As they read more stories and they learn new things, they will always wonder what is coming next! This is how they determine whether or not it’s fun to learn!

It’s amazing that you can get 7 benefits out of reading early to your child. After all 7 is the number of perfection and completeness!



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