6 Fantastic Facebook Communities for Struggling Readers

by Rich on August 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Facebook is a great place for parents to connect these days regarding anything related to children and families. Facebook is also a great place for parents to connect and learn more about how to improve their child’s reading abilities too. We compiled a list of the best resources on Facebook for you to connect with other parents that may face this same challenge. These groups are listed in no particular order.

If you are looking for some easy strategies to help your struggling reader, check out Reading Horizons. This community also provides webinars that parents may attend addressing issues your child may face in the classroom, and reading on a daily basis.

If you are facing challenges with a child with ADHD or other learning disabilities, LD Online is a great Facebook community dedicated to helping special educators as well.

What Dyslexia is dedicated to that have readers struggling with dyslexia. You can find helpful articles here, as well as post questions and make helpful comments for other parents.

The Reading Fox is helpful for parents that have children with reading deficiencies, and they promote a tool they call the Interactive Reading Tutor.  Check out their free demo posted on the community page!

SmartKidswithLD is community for parents that have children with learning disabilities as well as ADHD. The support given is there to help remove the label of “disability”, and encourages alternative methods by which children can learn.

The goal of ChromaGen Vision is to be a community that not only provides life changing aids for dyslexics, but also corrective optics solutions of various kinds.

We hope that you find these resources as helpful as we did, and for more information, you can visit our website at www.ireadbetternow.com.

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