4 Reasons to Switch from Glasses to Contacts

by Rich on October 9, 2012 · 0 comments

For most kids, glasses can get in the way of a lot of activities and/or various situations every day. From sports to fashion, there are many reasons why you should allow your kids to make the switch and we have four to share with you today!


Anyone in sports understands how glasses can get in the way. Whether they keep sliding down your nose when you try to score a goal in soccer or cause you to sit on the sidelines when you really want to be swimming in the relays, glasses can be holding you back. With contacts, you can have more flexibility with goggles, helmets, and other sports equipment in order to excel at the games and take home the gold!

Foggy Goggles

It’s almost time for the winter season and if you live in an area where the temperature significantly drops, you know all about foggy goggles. As soon as you walk outside, your glasses fog up and it’s both annoying and embarrassing. With contacts, you can avoid the fog and see clearly while the snow falls and the wind blows all winter long!

Always in Fashion

Trying to keep up with trendy glasses can be exhausting. From square to round shapes and prints to pastels, you can end up spending a lot of money to stay current with the latest frame styles when you may have more important things to worry about. With contacts, they will always be stylish and you never have to worry about anyone catching you wearing last season’s designs.


Although you can get transition lenses that turn into sunglasses as you walk outside, they still aren’t as cool as wearing a fun pair of sunglasses. Whether your choice is aviator or oversized, having the freedom to wear your favorite sunglasses is possibly the most convincing reason to make the switch to contacts!

What are your thoughts on switching from glasses to contacts?


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