10 New Year’s Resolutions for Struggling Readers

by Rich on December 31, 2012 · 0 comments

As we head into the New Year we all make resolutions right? There are 10 New Year’s resolutions that struggling readers can make as well to get 2013 off to a great start!

Read more - While reading is the main challenge you as a parent can help them read more by reading together. The reality is your child can’t stop reading because it’s the key to their education. Reading together is family time well spent, and it’s encouraging for them when you read along with them!

Commit to a homework routine - Struggling readers know that they are more comfortable with a set routine. With that being said, committing to a daily plan with homework will be beneficial for both parent and child.

Practice reading out loud - Whether you read out loud daily or 3-4 times per week, it’s a helpful technique in getting ahead with reading, and could help you make significant progress in 2013!

Challenge yourself before being pushed - While you may need encouragement, you will be far more successful in overcoming obstacles with reading and anything else in life when you challenge yourself. Set a goal that you know is far-fetched, and set out to achieve it before a teacher or parent has to say something to you about it.

Commit to charting your progress - Always chart your progress regardless of whether or not a parent is doing it for you. Find a method of charting your progress that you are comfortable with, and share it with a parent and a teacher.

Be positive - While you may be referred to as struggling, commit to being positive at all times. Keeping a positive attitude is part of growing, no matter how much progress you are making!

Try other learning styles - Everyone has their own learning style, and even if you are an auditory leaner, try your hand at visual learning to see what kind of progress you can make.  Spend some time each week with a new learning style to see where it takes you!

Utilize vocabulary and spelling programs - Despite other methods of learning to read better, you should still attempt to use some of the vocabulary and spelling programs out there. You can purchase software to download onto your computer, and there are many iPhone apps that are created today to help children learn to spell better, and to pronounce words better too!

Celebrate small successes - No matter how small a success may seem, celebrate it! When you put in the work to be better, then you should celebrate!

Write more - Some methods teach that encourage struggling readers to write more in addition to reading more can encourage them to keep reading. Composing stories will allow readers to get their thoughts out in a more fluent way, and even if it’s a rough start, committing to writing more will be just as helpful as anything else you commit to!

We hope that these 10 New Year’s resolutions are helpful for you, and that you keep pressing forward to read better!


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