10 Gifts for Children to Help Avoid Vision Problems

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Our friends over at The Vision Therapy Center compiled a very impressive list of 65 Children’s Gifts That Help Avoid Vision Problems!  We loved their list so much, that we wanted to share it with you, and pick 10 of our favorites!

Before viewing our favorites, please read their list and make sure to leave a comment to let them know what your favorites were!

Image originally shared by The Vision Therapy Center

The Vision Therapy Center created the Easy-On-The-Eyes Holiday Gift List as concern has grown that video games are harming visual health.  Here’s a direct quote on their blog to explain how the list is created and how it should be used:

The 2011 Easy-On-The-Eyes Gift List is arranged by visual skill and includes ideas for pre-schoolers through adults. Remember that learning and enjoyment is usually best when the child can accomplish the activity relatively easily about 80-90% of the time, and is therefore challenged 10-20% of the time.) Choose toys based on developmental age rather than actual age.

We wanted to use the list to pick at least one gift from each section.  It was very difficult to just choose 10, but here is our list!

Building toys – Develop eye-hand coordination and visualization/imagination.

1.  Building Blocks

Fine motor skill toys – Develop fine motor skills including visual skills and manual eye-hand coordination.

2. Coloring Books and Crayons

3. Sand Art

Space perception toys – Develop depth perception and eye-hand coordination.

4. Jenga

5. Ping Pong

Visual thinking toys and games - Develop visual thinking including visualization, visual memory, form perception, pattern recognition, sequencing and eye tracking skills. These skills are important basics for academics including mathematics, reading and spelling.

6. Battleship

7. Checkers

8. Chess

9. Connect Four

Balance and Coordination toys and games – Develop large motor skills.

10. Trampolin


Phew, that was really hard!  Go ahead and check out the full list of 65 Gifts for Children to Help Avoid Vision Problems and let them know what your favorites are!



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